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Final Destination 3 (2006)

Final Destination 3 is a 2006 American supernatural horror film directed by James Wong and the third installment in the Final Destination film series. The screenplay was written by James Wong and Glen Morgan, both of whom had previously worked on Final Destination. The film stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Ryan Merriman. Set five years after the first film, Winstead portrays Wendy Christensen, a teenager who has a premonition of the roller coaster she and her classmates are on derailing. While she manages to save some of them, Death soon begins hunting for the survivors. Wendy soon realizes that the pictures she took in the amusement park contain clues about how they're all going to die and tries to use them to save the rest of the survivors.

High school student Wendy Christensen visits an amusement park with her boyfriend Jason Wise, best friend Carrie Dreyer, and Carrie's boyfriend Kevin Fischer for their senior class field trip. As they board the Devil's Flight roller coaster, Wendy has a premonition that the hydraulics securing the seat belts and roller coaster cars will fail during the ride, killing everyone on board. When she panics, a fight breaks.......

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