The Hitman (ស្តេចឃាតករលីលានជា)

Hitman (simplified Chinese: 杀手之王; traditional Chinese: 殺手之王) is a 1998 Hong Kong action film directed by Stephen Tung, starring Jet Li, Eric Tsang, Simon Yam and Gigi Leung. The film was released in the Hong Kong on 3 April 1998.

In Hong Kong, a mysterious hitman known as the "Killing Angel" has murdered a wealthy ex-yakuza crime boss named Tsukamoto. Because Tsukamoto had established a revenge fund in case of an assassination, a $100 million bounty is placed upon the Killing Angel. The deceased's power hungry grandson, Eiji, becomes the new head of the Tsukamoto family and one of the bounty hunters.

An ex-soldier named Fu is part of a small gang that learns of the bounty. Fu attempts to enter the building where .....

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