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Curry and Pepper 1990 (អញប្រយុទ្ធអាណាខ្លាំង ទិនហ្វី)

Curry and Pepper is a 1990 Hong Kong action comedy film directed by Blackie Ko and starring Jacky Cheung and Stephen Chow. This film is Cheung and Chow's second film collaboration after the 1988 film, Faithfully Yours.

Curry and Pepper are two CID detectives that do not take their jobs seriously. When newspaper reporter Joey Law decides to film a documentary about daily police life, she chooses to film Curry and Pepper. As Curry and Pepper fight for Joey's affection, their friendship is seriously jeopardized. Eventually, the two reconcile and work together to take down a vicious hit man named Abalone.

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