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3-Headed Shark Attack (2015)

3-Headed Shark Attack is a 2015 direct-to-video horror film developed by The Asylum and starring Danny Trejo, Karrueche Tran, and Rob Van Dam.[1] It is a sequel to 2-Headed Shark Attack.

The greatest man-eater is three times as deadly when a mutated great white shark with three heads originating from the Great Pacific garbage patch eats its way through an island research facility, forcing a group of survivors (Omar, Maggie, Allison, Greg, and Ryan) led by Dr. Laura Thomas and Dr. Ted Nelson to evacuate before the facility is destroyed. The group standing on the shore swim one-by-one towards the boat in the middle of the lake, but the shark eats Laura and Omar on the way.

The remaining survivors radio three men on a fishing boat for help. As the survivors escape on the boat, the shark finds a party boat, forcing the passengers to fight the deadly predator using anything they could find......

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