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Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist

Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist, known in Japan as Street Fighter: Ansatsuken (Japanese: ストリートファイタ暗殺拳 Hepburn: Sutorīto Faitā Ansatsuken?) is a British live-action web series, TV series and feature film in the martial arts film genre developed by director, fight choreographer, writer, actor and martial artist Joey Ansah and actor, writer and martial artist Christian Howard. Based on the popular video game series by Capcom, Street Fighter, the story focuses on Ryu and Ken as they uncover the past of their master, Gouken, and learn the secrets of their Dark Art, Ansatsuken.

The web series format was released on Machinima's YouTube channel on May 23, 2014 while the subsequent formats (TV & DVD/Blu-ray) were released later the same year, and IFC Films released the film on January 7, 2015.

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