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My Wife Is a Gangster 3 (ប្រពន្ធខ្ញុំគឺជាបងធំ)

My Wife is a Gangster 3 (Hangul: 조폭 마누라 3; RR: Jopok manura 3) is a 2006 Korean film. It is a sequel to My Wife is a Gangster 2.

This movie, however bearing the My Wife is a Gangster title, has little to no relation to the previous movies.

Korean gangster Han Ki-Chul (Lee Beom-soo) is put in charge by his Big Boss of looking after Lim Aryong (Shu Qi) who comes from Hong Kong. They expect Lim Aryong to be some big male gangster but she turns out to be a woman and acts very cold toward him and his associates. Moreover, none of them speak her language and she doesn't understand Korean. A translator called Yeon-Hee (Hyun Young) arrives. She is immature and very scared of the gangsters so at the beginning, instead of translating Aryong's rather rude answers, she changes them to nice ones.....

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