From Beijing With Love (អ្នកលេងកាំបិតហោះ ទិនហ្វី)

From Beijing With Love (Chinese: 國產凌凌漆) is a 1994 Hong Kong action spy comedy film directed by Lee Lik-chi and Stephen Chow. The film is a very direct spoof of James Bond fims and stars Chow, Anita Yuen and Law Kar-ying.

Golden Gun steals the cranium of China's only dinosaur fossil. Chow, starring as a hawker-cum-secret-agent 007, is sent to Hong Kong by a high-ranking government official to recapture the cranium. When he arrives in Hong Kong, he meets Lee Heung-kam (Anita Yuen), who proposes to help him in his endeavor. However, Heung-kam turns out to be a subordinate of Golden Gun. Golden Gun is in actuality the government official who directs 007 to find the cranium......

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