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Fist 2 Fist 2: Weapon of Choice (2014)

Retired Assassin, Jack Lee (Jino Kang), has long since disappeared from the criminal world to peacefully raise his dead brother’s daughter, Jamie (Kelly Lou Dennis) but when his former employer, Mob boss, Banducci (Douglas Olsson), decides to kidnap her, Jack Lee is forced to remind him and all who stand in his way why he’s nicknamed “the Ghost.” The streets of San Francisco become a battlefield as Jack stops at nothing to rescue his niece even if it means single-handedly exterminating an entire crime syndicate or two.

Like with any good sequel, producer, co-writer, co-director, star, and Masters Hall of Fame martial artist Jino Kang ups the ante in every single way in Fist 2 Fist 2: Weapon of Choice. In this spiritual sequel to Fist 2 Fist, Jino brings together ambitious storytelling, an ensemble cast, gorgeous locations, and his signature brand of hard-hitting realistic fight choreography to his latest indie actioner.

The movie kicks off with a sweeping aerial shot gliding through San Francisco bay .....

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